Nutritional Supplementation

Achieve proper body functioning with nutritional support.

A huge part of the recovery process is recognizing what you are putting into your body. However, the typical American diet does not always provide us with all the vitamins and nutrients that are needed for proper body functioning. With the help of vitamin supplementation, these vitamins and nutrients can easily be consumed. Below is a list of current vitamins for sale at our office from Anabolic Laboratories:

Aved-Multi Softgel

High potency, one-per-day vitamin-mineral formula in an easy to swallow soft gelatin “soft gel”. Alternative to tablets and capsules. Also contains lutein and lycopene.

120 count - $45


High potency, two-per-day vitamin-mineral formula, available with or without iron. Includes amino acid chelated minerals, premium nutrient forms and minimal excipients. Disintegration tested for maximum bioavailability.

60 count - $25

Bone Support Formula

A broad-spectrum formula to support bone metabolism. Three premium sources of calcium are included: calcium citrate-malate, calcium ascorbate, and high-grade microcrystalline hydroxyapatite. Also contains collagen, glycosaminoglycans and several additional minerals. Premium magnesium sources include magnesium citrate, aspartate, and gluconate. A diverse blend of bone-protective soy isoflavones are included, as well as citrus bioflavonoids.

90 count - $34

Chelated Iron

This chelated form of iron can be better absorbed by the body. Additional iron may be needed for pre-menopausal women, vegetarians or individuals consuming limited animal protein.

60 count - $12

Clinical D3

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in a 5,000 IU microtablet. Provides a higher dose of vitamin D for more aggressive vitamin D supplementation. Recommended for patients with low 25(OH)D blood levels who need more than a physiological dose to replete their vitamin D levels.

60 count - $14

Clinical Magnesium

Magnesium is chronically deficient in the modern diet and promotes a chronic inflammatory state. Magnesium deficiency is associated with diverse clinical manifestations including negative outcomes related to cardiovascular health. Some researchers have recommended that magnesium be added to the water supply because deficiency is associated with a wide variety of negative health issues. Magnesium plays a crucial role in: glucose metabolism, cellular energy production (ATP), calcium transport, nerve signal conduction, and over 300 enzymatic reactions, some of which are involved in the maintenance of joint and bone health.

90 count - $20

Clinical Omega-3 EPA/DHA

Molecularly distilled, concentrated EPA/DHA fish oil sourced from cold water fish. A 1200 mg fish oil softgel containing 360 mg EPA and 240 mg DHA. Molecular distillation process ensures that no pesticides, PCBs or heavy metals are present. Also includes a natural mix of tocopherols for additional antioxidant protection and orange oil for a pleasant flavor.

60 count - $21

120 count - $31


Human brain cell membranes are highly enriched with phosphatidylserine (PS). PS levels in these tissues ensure the membrane’s fluidity and structure, thus their function. Nerve cells, in particular, depend on healthy membrane function for normal neurotransmitter metabolism and nerve signal transmission.

Maintaining brain PS levels has been associated with normal and efficient signaling processes, efficient brain glucose consumption, and other biological pathways that are crucial to ensure normal and healthy cognitive and mental functions.
Cognagen is a daily source of PS, as well as polyphenols from blueberry, which have been studied for their roles in brain health.

60 count - $39

Cran-Max Cranberry

100% pure cranberry supplement with no excipients that promotes urinary tract health in a single capsule per day. Possesses a bacterial anti-adherence factor known to decrease the risks of infections that is supported by scientific research confirming its effectiveness. Utilizes a proprietary process to infuse the cranberry fiber with cranberry extract creating a highly bioavailable product.

30 count - $18

Digestive Complete

A complete plant based enzyme formulation to aide in the digestion of carbohydrates, fat, protein, fiber, sugars and dairy products.

90 count - $22

Essential Nutrition Pack

Each Essential Nutrition Pack contains 30 individual packets that include a disintegration-tested multi vitamin (1 tablet), concentrated EPA/DHA omega-3 fish oil (2 softgels), vitamin D3 – cholecalciferol (2 softgels) & magnesium from organic chelate sources (2 capsules). The Essential Nutrition Pack is a 1-month supply of supplements which provide a solid nutritional foundation for your patients and is most effective when used with the dietary recommendations in the Nutritional Foundation patient education brochure (view a copy of the brochure by clicking the link below).


Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM

Four tablets provide 1500 mg of glucosamine (shellfish extract), 1200 mg of chondroitin (beef cartilage extract) consistent with the levels used in the three-year double blind, placebo controlled Glucosamine Arthritis Intervention Trial (G. A. I. T.) combined with 1,500 mg of MSM (methylsulfonymethane) a natural sulfur compound reported to offer anti-inflammatory and connective tissue benefits.

90 count - $44


Amino acids are needed by the body to rebuild and repair tissues and muscles, as well as to assist in making enzymes, proteins, and antibodies. L-Lysine is one of the eight essential amino acids that cannot be manufactured by the body. Not only is it needed to support proper growth and bone development, but L-Lysine also improves calcium absorption and helps maintain balance in the body.

50 count - $12

Mega D 1,000 IU

When vitamin D is chronically deficient, 1,000 IU per day is the basic supplementation level recommended. Most bloodwork on patients will dictate supplementation between 1,000 – 6,000 IU per day.

100 count - $12

Nutra Disc®

Nutra Disc® is a unique proprietary product for disc injuries and related connective tissue problems. Nutra Disc® contains a specialized blend of ingredients designed to support the body’s natural response to maintain good joint health, promote the production of collagen, and support the rebuilding of cartilage.

90 count - $39


A mineral-vitamin-glandular supplement to provide a diverse approach to bone health. Anacal calcium is a special blend of calcium ascorbate, citrate, phosphate and sulfate, which is provided as well as magnesium and manganese. Betaine hydrochloride is included to support calcium absorption and whole ovarian concentrate for female hormone support.

120 count - $22

Probiotic Complete

Beneficial bacteria are essential for optimal gut function. In addition, the majority of our immune system is housed within the digestive tract, making is even more important to maintain proper gut health. Just one capsule of our Probiotic Complete contains four different strains of the “good” bacteria needed for a healthy body. The unique capsule matrix protects the bacteria and allows delivery to the small intestines. What’s more, while this product doesn’t require refrigeration – making it convenient for travel, work, and outdoor activities, storing it in a refrigerator extends the potency.

50 count - $19

100 count - $39


Formulated for extended nutritional support of inflammation management. The combination of bromelain (plant based proteolytic enzymes) and other key ingredients make it ideal for long term maintenance. Pro-Enz is recommended for follow up after the acute phase of injury is addressed, as support for patients with physically demanding lifestyles (heavy labor, athletes) as well as those subject to pro-inflammatory lifestyle factors (poor diet, stress, etc.)



Features saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil with a combination of vitamin-mineral-botanicals complex, which is shown to be effective in stabilizing prostate volume and significantly reducing the symptoms of lower urinary tract problems.

60 count - $35


An all natural pain reliever that can eliminate minor discomforts and allow the healing process to progress. Just one tablet provides 240 mg of Salicin from white willow bark. This is the clinically documented amount with proven results. This natural product is less damaging to the body than traditional pain relievers. Salizain provides lasting, effective pain relief, thus allowing for a more timely healing response.

30 count - $20

T.R.I. - Adrenopan Stress Formula

Pantothenic acid based formula designed to assist the body in adapting with prolonged stress. Proprietary Time Release Ingredient (T.R.I.) technology to maximize delivery and bioavailability of water soluble nutrients. Each capsule contains various small beadlets of the vitamin nutrient complex alternately coated with a nutrient and vegetable layers to allow nutrients to be digested and released over time replicating the food digestion process. Disintegration and dissolution tested.

120 count - $46

T.R.I. - B-Plex

Balanced B vitamin complex formula using proprietary Time Release Ingredient (T.R.I.) technology to maximize delivery and bioavailability of water soluble nutrients. Each capsule contains various small beadlets of the vitamin B complex alternately coated with a nutrient and coating to be digested and released over time replicating the food digestion process. Disintegration and dissolution tested.

60 count - $23

T.R.I. - Iron Complex

A controlled release formula containing iron (as ferrous fumarate), vitamins B12 and B1 plus whole liver, that minimizes the intestinal disturbances and other uncomfortable side effects often associated with the administration of iron. Patients who cannot or will not take several tablets or capsules during the day will welcome the “one capsule daily” feature. Disintegration and dissolution tested.

60 count - $21

Zinc Lozenges

Excellent tasting orange flavored lozenge. Contains 3 mg of elemental zinc from 23 mg chelated zinc gluconate, combined with 100 mg of vitamin C for nutritional immune support during seasonal changes and throat irritation. Formulated for regular dosing throughout the day.

90 count - $20


A three part combination supplement consisting of systemic proteolytic enzymes, nutrients and minerals that regulate the inflammation process and support soft tissue repair. Zymain is designed to provide a nutritional foundation to the healing response following trauma, optimizing injury rehabilitation.